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Full Version: AK Pic Thread
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Bulgarian AR M1 in 7,62x39mm

Bulgarian AR M1F in 7,62x39mm
[Image: vhf1ht.jpg]

Big Grin
[Image: SBR%203_zpsr6lwofff.jpg]

[Image: SBR%202_zpsout92tow.jpg]
I Keed I need about da garbage can…those are nice looking weapons guys.
[img][Image: IMAG1821_zpsrmfkwbiq.jpg][/img]
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(04-03-2015, 04:19 AM)AKindaGarbageCan Wrote: [ -> ]I Keed I need about da garbage can…those are nice looking weapons guys.

And they don't jam all the time! Big Grin

Just fucking with you but it's going to take some time for you fellas to convince me that this futuristic plastic gun is worth a shit.

This forum is going to be such a lovely melting pot!

This is my Tantal, needs to be painted since the shit I use starts to melt after a couple hundred rounds.

Sorry about the crappy pics I haven't been able to convince enough random folk my power is getting turned off so I can get high res photos..

[Image: 20150402_180834_zpsmxrtesjt.jpg]

[Image: 20150402_180846_zpsk2gsaoze.jpg]
My bulgy

[img][Image: IMAG0175_1_zpsdu9bdc4k.jpg][/img]
[Image: 0326151628a_zps5urz14dm.jpg]

[Image: 0326151628_zpsmir3tgm4.jpg]
[Image: shootingrange014.jpg]
My RPK with some new plum furniture.
[Image: newones10054.jpg]

Wz.88 Polish Tantal with original barrel. I bought this kit in 2005, finished it in 2009 on a NoDak Spud rec. One of my favorite variants.


[Image: 20140608_142618-1_zpsn0xfduks.jpg]
Mein converted Saiga converted to underfolder and rust-blued:

[img][Image: CIMG2117.jpg][/img]


Are you over at the files?


Do you build?

I'm just getting into it myself.

Waiting for some good deals on kits, prices on kits and related parts are to damn high to build vs buying a complete rifle.
(04-03-2015, 01:58 PM)Idaho John Wrote: [ -> ][Image: shootingrange014.jpg]

That's a kick ass fucking range!!!
[Image: OoRV9DE.jpg]
(09-09-2017, 12:52 PM)NBK Wrote: [ -> ]
(09-05-2017, 02:40 AM)filthy phil Wrote: [ -> ][Image: OoRV9DE.jpg]


The last is an m70ab2.
Notice the grenade folding launcher front sight?

Have a sam7 uf on layaway at buds I'll get out in time for Devils nightSmile