I can give an exact time when the SHTF
It is happening now as we speak. The country is collapsing before our eyes. The country, states and cities are broke. (actually beyond broke) left vs right white vs black vs brown. We are living in historical times my friends. The end of an experiment in a government called a democratic republic.
also things are going to get very interesting. stay armed stay alert and watch your six.
(06-17-2017, 01:45 AM)NBK Wrote: I find myself wondering if democracy is the failed ideal, or if it's because there are so many brainwashed liberals.  

I honestly cannot believe that so many people are advocating for socialism and communism within our country right now. The fact that so many people are advocating for socialism in our country is the perfect example of our failed education system comma it's the perfect example of why we shouldn't have federalized education.  Our schools have become liberal boot camps training our children to Embrace Marxism

Three generations of indoctrination is the reason we have so many in our country advocating for socialism or communism. The slow insidious creep into textbooks, media, and government benefits programs has allowed it to win hearts and minds without picking up a single weapon. No one wants to finish things in Best Korea because repairing the minds of all those brainwashed citizens is going to be a disaster of epic proportions. The same goes for trying to stamp out the socialists and communists in this country. The problem will never correct itself without significant action, and yet no one wants to do what's necessary because it's almost an impossible task within the framework the legislators set up to support the socialists and communists.

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