Let's talk food! What's ur favorite ethnic variety?
I love food! If you were stuck on an island for ten years, which ethnic cuisine would you choose if you could only have that one?

It's tough. Because I think American, but a lot of things I identify as American are actually ethnic in nature. And I am not a culinary historian in the least.

I'd have to say Japanese or French. That's a tough one. Confused
Whatever these guys seem to scrounge up.  

Enjoy this food porn.  You're welcome!

There's tons more videos.  You get the idea.  

Easy to make in austere environments without complicated equipment.  Complex flavors.  Healthy.  Physically and mentally filling.
i refuse to be baited into these scenarios. everyone always asks what 3 things would you take to a deserted island, they then answer "i would take a lighter, a string, and a hook".

i would take a yacht, with a mini cooper on the bow, and a helicopter on the pad. enjoy your string sandwich asshole. Dodgy
(06-24-2017, 10:42 PM)NBK Wrote: A fifi  Dodgy

i generally keep live pussy on the yacht, helicopter, and driving the mini. so i am pretty well stocked up on that.  Dodgy

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