I've listened to nothing but rap for the past couple of months.
I have come to one conclusion. Every song has the same story.

They were poor and didn't work other than sell drugs. They sold drugs to get money, but bitch about the shitty neighborhood they helped turn into shit. They threaten violence and then complain about their old neighborhood being violent. They all complain about their bike being stolen or shoes, but fully support being a shit bag thief drug dealing gangsta making everyone else's lives shitty. And claiming to have lived in a neighborhood full of shitty low class, dumb knuckle dragging mother fuckers is like bragging when a normal person says they went to a certain college.

Then they got a job and made money like every fucking other normal person and think they are so damn special. Then they give you a shopping list of shit they bought like a bragging three year old who got a new Xbox for Christmas.

So basically they are the fucking problem they are rapping about and the whore that gave birth to them in poverty when she had no means of supporting, raising, or having a father in their life is the soul fucking reason why their life was the way it was. But, we never hear them rap about that.

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