federal judge orders california to pay for tranny inmates sex change

this will open the door for the thousands of other prison trannies

$100,000 per

meanwhile some folks cant get help for college or get a tooth pulled

sic semper tyrannis
What more would you expect from calfornia which is ran by tranny's.
it was a federal judge too

sic semper tyrannis
Fucking disgusting. Seriously, nothing like pissing away $100k on some useless shit in the pokey.

I'm not saying I want the money, but $100k would pay for the rest of my degree AND my Masters, at which point I would be making 70-90k a year.

Some fucking investment.
They did this in MA recently.

The guy was a murderer doing life. Killed his wife.

Anyways, the Judge that ordered it was a Federal Judge.

And a Reagan appointee......
Do they offer interspecies changes ?
I want to be a gazzel

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