WWII rifles
Last week marks the end of WWII as Japan surrendered. To mark the 70th year anniversary of this war are a few of my WWII rifles.

[Image: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v508/5...s05sii.jpg]

[Image: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v508/5...xlqkq8.jpg]
 I found Playboys in moms basement!
Is the Grand a CMP rifle?
No sir. It's a 25+ year old Miltech restored Garand built Aug 1942. (before the internet....)

It didn't matter if it's a miltech or a cmp rifle because all early Garands were rebuilt many times in the field. Only the late 50's rifles you could find all original one. But I wanted a real war rifle so who knows if it bagged someone or the GI was killed running with it.

Thing shoots awesome and is quite accurate.

I made a few dumb movies of it, one is how to load the rifle the us army way. It has 850,000 hits. When I was younger I smashed my thumb with it and my dad who served in WWII straightened his stupid kid out right away....

The reason I made the movie was because I didn't see the internal magazine way of loading it on youtube, so I threw 2 sandbags on my table and filmed the 3 methods of loading it and it went viral. You never will know what may be popular.
 I found Playboys in moms basement!
That was a really good video.

I myself have never fired one, I guess what I saw in the movies was wrong. Big Grin

How accurate is it as far as quick follow up shots?

Being semi auto and fairly hefty I would think it's ok?
My dad told me to hip shoot it. He said it's faster to shoot it this way and I'll be damned, in 50 yrds or so your not off by much. With a little practice that way of shooting is good enough for government work.
You can shoot it as fast as you can pull the trigger, and if your hip shooting it, it just leans back on your side. It's very control-able this way.

But the forearm is wood, and if you shoot it a lot quick, that thing gets hot.

Using sights at 100 yrds I can hold a grapefruit sized target. All day long. That's head shot groups!
 I found Playboys in moms basement!
Pretty cool video and nice rifle.
Pain be havin ill ass guns. Cool
Resurrecting this because it's an awesome thread and I learned the internal mag loading from the OPs video.

Gorgeous machines.

On a good day, on iron sights (the M1's are some of the best around) I can keep all the rounds in a basketball sized group at 200 yards. And that's with a tired old barrel.

Love the M1.

And for a hunting rifle, you can't do much better than the Springfield 1903.

Both use the venerable 30.06 which can drop pretty much anything on the planet.

You men that don't have one of those two, need to get one. prices are creeping up, but still affordable

There, I have done a good deed for the day

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