Let's Talk 80% Lowers!
For those of you who have used these, what brand or brands should I stick with or stay away from?

If shop equipment has any bearing on your selection, I do have a drill press and access to a mini mill. I know that a drill press is not intended for milling operations (side load and all), but we are talking about aluminum here...so any brave souls here attempted? What was your results?

Anodizing. This one is important. Recommendations on this step?

What am I missing? I really have not researched 80% lowers. I never considered them until this morning. Not sure why, really. So, let's talk about the 80's! Cool
You know you can make an AK receiver out of an old shit shovel, correct? Cool
Yeah, I saw that one. Lots of work went into that one!
(10-21-2015, 05:18 AM)AveryBullock Wrote: Yeah, I saw that one.  Lots of work voodka went into that one!


I don't know.much about AR lowers so I'll quit fucking around now.
This is the tech forum. You are shitting where you eat
(12-13-2015, 01:40 AM)Leon82 Wrote: This is the tech forum. You are shitting where you eat

Don't give him any more porn genre ideas

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