yugo mauser...
for you surplus queers, aimsurplus has yugo mausers (they claim to be nice with crest) $400.
Its probably a good price but I don't know shit about them.

I bought one of the Mitchell Mauser's. Then read on the internet that almost everyone hates that guy.

Where can I get 50 dollar C&R guns?
(11-17-2015, 04:47 AM)Leon82 Wrote: Where can I get 50 dollar C&R guns?

I can hear Archie and Edith...

"Those were the days!!"
Producer of the acclaimed series "Oh Lane! Where art thou?"
The m4ar15.com is the better of the Yugos. Finding one without a shot out bore is a little tricky since these have been used in fighting for decades. Most Yugos have seen The Shit, have been used to kill other enemy combatants and been in the hands of dead combatants as well. Lots of history with Yugo variants.

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