What was your first shotgun?
My first long gun was a Maverick 88.

It was a knock of of the Mossberg 500.  I bougt it in 1990... I'm not even sure Mossberg owned Maverck at that time!

It had a 26" Modified choke barrel and it came with a pistol grip stock too.
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nef single shot 12 gauge
(04-09-2015, 10:21 AM)tier1bro Wrote: nef single shot 12 gauge

Same here.

Kicked like a son of a bitch, i used to hold 3 shells in my knuckles and try to speed load.
Remington 870 12 gauge with a 28" barrel. I still have the receiver, but it's rigged up all tacticool for my wife with a short barrel and folding stock.
Winchester 1897 16ga. made in 1908, still have it
Saiga 12
Mossberg 500 20ga.
11-87 12ga.

Have 40,000+ rounds through it and still have the factory O-rings. Dodgy Not smart. However, nostalgic.
mossberg 500

sic semper tyrannis
An H&R single shot 20ga. in 1973. I got it for my 7th birthday.
Shitty 870 in 20ga
Mossberg 500
Going to be buying a fancy pants beretta by end of year Smile
Get a Benneli M2.
(07-18-2015, 07:22 AM)SNAFU Wrote: Get a Benneli M2.

What the fuck? Confused

It's for shooting sporting clays. You don't use an M2 for that.
My first was a Remington single shot 410 when I was 6. Then I got my dad's 20 ga but traded it in for a 12 gauge youth Wingmaster when I was 10. Don't have them anymore but at 21 got me a Mossberg 500A old police model, had it for a bit then sold it went back to Remington with at 870 Tactical then sold it got another 500 sold it ended up with a new Maverick 88 SP 8+1 capacity. I like it still have my eyes set on the Military version 590A1 Talo. Maybe someday.
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My first shotty was a Remington single shot 410
Then I got a 870 20 gauge, traded that for a 870 12 gauge 
sold that got a Used police special Mossberg 500 
sold it & got a Remington 870 Tactical 
Sold that one got another 500 SP 
Sold that one for a bill, then a yr later purchased a Maverick 88 which I still have, it's the SP 8+1 has even a heat shield. Got a ATI Akita butt stock. Really would like to change out the Handguard but cannot find the correct replacement length of the action bars on either a 500 or 590's action slide assembly.
Mine was a mossberg "chainsaw" 12 Guage.
(02-02-2017, 01:50 AM)M4ar15.com Wrote: Mine was a mossberg "chainsaw" 12 Guage.

I bought one of those 870 knock offs the Chinese use for their police guns. It's built like a tank and just as heavy. Been dead nuts reliable thou. I like the ghost ring sights, pretty accurate with slugs. It's a smooth bore but those slugs with the rifling can group pretty well.


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