Concealed carry .45's....
What do you like and why?

I'm all about the Glock 30S

Relatively compact.
Very accurate
A ton of holsters and accessories on the market make carrying options varied.
Can take G21 mags
Consistent trigger
Won't rust

Close second would be S&W M&P 45c, hk45c and the old smith 4566 / 457, colt defender
While I've owned a number of 1911's, I've never made a habit of carrying them. I generally have trust issues with mechanical safeties and am a big pussy, so I won't carry a 1911 cocked and locked.

I have regularly carried a Sig P220R and a Smith&Wesson 457. Both were great guns
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i like the standard glock 30. it fits me perfectly.
Para GI Expert 1911, makes me feel like a big strong man. Big Grin
I really like my xds

Kinda big for my pocket but I have big pockets. Don't even notice it iwb.

I could like a glock 30.
G30 with raven concealment vanguard 2 (full kit) Cool

it's an accurate firearm and with the vanguard 2 you don't even know it's there.

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