is it true Lane_Nigger is a registered sex offender?
I heard from a reliable source that he is.

He shouldn't own guns if he is a sexual predator.

Not tru

But the fact that you would stoop that low is telling

sic semper tyrannis

Like trying to steal a forum?

I heard that you were a registered sexual predator, so I asked.

Sex offenders shouldn't own guns.

I haven't even gotten low, nigger.
I have not stolen a forum

5.56 is still the boss

He made me admin for a reason. That reason has come to fruition

sic semper tyrannis
You tried removing his authority.

You're a fucking nigger, and possibly a sexual predator.

He will do away with you.

It's going to be great.

Without the core group you just pissed all over you don't have shit.
I did not even attempt to remove 5.56

I looked at his last login only

sic semper tyrannis

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