Mossberg 930 JM Pro
What are your thoughts on it? I just picked one up a few weeks back. I was hesitant given some of the online reviews I had read. This gun has run like a champ with very little recoil. It cycles the cheapest lightest stuff I put through it.

Anyone else try one out?
It looks pretty utilitarian and I like that.

But, I don't like mossberg shot guns, i hate the safety (this version atleast has an oversized version) and the 500 always feels gritty compared to a 870, a Winchester 1200 makes a Mossberg 500 feel like opening a door on the Titanic.

I understand this is semi auto but I have a bad taste for their pump scatter guns, my step dad had two and they were very old and cycled like complete shit, I bought JIC and couldn't stand the fucking things action.

It's seams like a quality issue for me.

How does this ones bolt feel when you operate it?

Gritty or no?

It does look like a very handy gun to have.
The bolt feels good. If I had to fault it, I don't like the lifter. It seems to be in the way for reloads and I don't care about ghost loads. It's not benelli fast but still quicker than me. Over all I like it. It shoulders and balances really well. 9/10

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