My AR15
Here is my AR it's an Essential Arms with a spikes dueling penis upper with DD fixed rear iron and aimpoint pro. I haven't tried the aimpoint yet but I'm sure it will be just fine . I also have another AR that's an Aero Precision , BCM yada yada . To lazy to post a pic of it.
nice and simple, just like i like them. snafu would hang dicks and dongs off every square inch of that fucker. his version would weigh 38 pounds, and penetrate him on every recoil stroke. he would then start a thread with poll asking who would win stoner or kalashnikov, it would be an epic fail because his "man" would lose in the poll.
I'm happy with it. My next purchase is going to be a "Preban" Colt 9mm ar . I've already broke the news to the wife. I just need to find one reasonably priced. We get ass raped here in ct. I'm not against capitalism but there was one on the EE and was bought by a fellow nutmegger and was quickly listed on Facebook at a much higher price. He didn't even post new pics lol he used the ones on arfcom.
I like it

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