Am I crazy...
For wanting to chop my benelli sbe to 20 in or so, have it rethreaded for chokes, the put on a m1 s90 stock.
I could also add a +2 extender
I love the shotgun, but it sits in the safe because its too long.

I either take my 20 ga 870 or 12 ga 500 for almost all my hunting. Both have 20 in barrels.
I wouldn't blame you, just do a nice job.

I plan on chopping up an A5 to make a Clyde Barrow "whippet" gun.
Instead of modifying a perfectly good gun, perhaps it might make more sense to simply sell your shotgun and get a shorter barreled version - something you really want.

I had this same dilemma a few years ago with an old drum set. (long story. Won't bore you with details) I considered modification but ultimately decided to simply sell the entire kit and purchase EXACTLY what I wanted. I'm as happy as a clam and never looked back.

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