My first thread on this forum. I like the freedom of speech on here, and I love AK's. AK Files had many good people and many douchebags. Hopefully this forum will gain some momentum, so I wanted to make a thread. Short and simple basic stuff. What's your favorite ideal AK we have regular access to for SHTF?
I like my M-70AB2 underfolder and just a bare bones WASR. What do you have in mind? I like underfolders best.

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(01-06-2016, 11:57 PM)SNAFU Wrote:
(01-06-2016, 10:04 AM)JAMF Wrote: 7.62 pencil barreled Arsenal under folder.

Not enough AK people here to start a massive butthurt meltdown.

just saw the back of the stock off (at the wrist) on an sks, and reattach with a brass gate hinge = best folding stock ak ever.

i tried to get into ak's back in the day when wasr's were $350, after a month of research i just said fuck it, i still didn't understand the differences.
SKS is some damn good shit. Haha, not enough AK guys to start a massive meltdown of dudes having nervous breakdowns.
As for SHTF, I've been in Katrina, gang wars in Houston, several shootouts around Houston and Iraq. I also live in El Paso and moved here when right across town, across the street from I-10, was the Murder Capitol of the World in Ciudad Juarez. Yes, I do believe in SHTF.
Bulgarian kit with commie barrel on NDS reliever built by someone who knows what they are doing.

In 5.45
Or Russian kit.
SA-85M Hungarian.
There are a lot of great AK's out there (Not including American made as of the current moment).
That being said, I really like the new production WASR's.

SKS is a great rifle as well but I like having detachable mags.
Don't even bring up the SKS that takes AK mags because I know that they don't always feed properly.
WASR's and Yugo AK's are tits
I have m70ab2 also and the concealability of the rifle  and power of the round makes a great all around shtf package.
Some (arfcommers) think underfolder are uncomfortable to shoot.
Those people are just wimps

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