New to us G19
Picked up a used gen 3 g19 today for 399 bucks .Its in Mint condition and My wife is very happy . She passed on purchasing a new G19 yesterday. Good call I'd say.
Thanks Cool
About the same era as my G19. Pretty much perfection. Congrats
tier1 ammo requires an additional recoil spring. i'll bet snafu's fortay has 8 recoil springs to dampen, and 12 to accelerate recoil, plus a slide lanyard so you don't lose the slide. <dodgy>
(03-22-2016, 06:57 AM)SNAFU Wrote: My G22 was a G4 with the dual recoil springs , same,very manageable recoil as the heavier Taurus.

The first .40 I shot was a G2 G22 and it wasn't bad.

when i got rid of my 22's and 27's and went with 17's and 26's i went all gen 4. i prefer the rough texture grip. the 17's feel like i am shooting a rimfire.

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