Australian Outback Ammo Review Update 1
Hopefully I can get out to the range tomorrow AM and try this stuff out, supposed to be chilly, but only 2-3 mph winds. I've got the 69gr SMK Flavor... anyone else try this? Its ~10.95 a box at many places, I got it from sportsmansguide w/ free shipping for spending over $50. I paid $.55/rd, if you are a club member you should beable to get it for around $.52/rd shipped.

Some observations so far.

Packaging: Much nicer than I was expecting.... Only way if could be nicer is if it were fitted foam! I was impressed.

Ammo: Has "ADI .223 Rem" Marked brass, primers are NOT crimped.

Appearance: The ammo itself isn't as nice as the packaging. Lots of small dents over the brass, a few small nicks on some projectiles. The brass itself looks to have "surface rust" looking stains.

Possible Issues: Appears the brass is NOT chamferred, there is a buildup of shavings of copper around the mouth.


Red: "Surface Rust" Looking stains

Blue: Dents

Green: Copper Jacket Shavings

*Nicks in projectiles not pictured


First off, I had planned to visually sort through the ammo and weed out any rounds that appeared to have jacket shaving issues, but I wasn't able to do it at the range. I needed more light. But it appeared most has slight shaving going on. Because I had moved my scope the previous time at the range I had my scope adjustments off of 0 - 0 and I moved them to 0 - 0 forgetting this. At 100 yards I fired 3 rounds of my Nosler 77gr Reloads***, they hit high right in a small group. I adjusted the scope and fired the first 5 round group of the Outback Ammo and I was instantly impressed. The first group was around .54 MOA. Then the accuracy started to go down hill. I fired two more groups, both exhibitting inconsistent behavior, which would suggest the shaved jackets have an impact as most groups would have the first 1-3 shots go into the same group, one round go an inch away, and the remainder land in with the rest of the group. All but the third group (top right on bottom left target) have 3-4 shots tightly grouped. The bottom right target is with my 77gr Reloads again.

After the first two groups of Australian Outback ammo was fired, I moved out to 200 yards and fired another 5 round group. I wasn't expecting much because I was using a target with a large aiming point, and at 20x the mirage was starting to effect my sight picture, but I needed all the magnification I could get to make sure I was centered on the large orange center of the target. The first round landed right, and the next 4 all hit within an inch of each other, but the 5 round group itself was still .628 MOA. [(1.54"-.224)/1.047/2] It was gusting to 10-15 MPH. I again was impressed, but the last 3 groups at 100 yards were not all that great.

I think that if they would start chamferring the inside of the case mouths this ammo has the potential to be just as good as Federal Gold Medal Match, at half the cost. I sent them an email about this, and I am looking forward to a response.

*** My 77gr Nosler Reloads have been very inconsistent due to the batch I had having two different jacket types mixed in

Targets @ 100 yards:

Target @ 200 Yards:

Ive only seen the ads in American Rifleman and such magazines.

But I will say $10.99 a box for brass cased 69gr SMK is a really damn good price.

Interested to see how they shake out in the AAR.
Bitch real Gs move in silence like lasagna
Well I'm impressed so far. But I do think the projectile jackets getting damaged is effecting accurracy. I will write up a full review later tonight, but here is a 5 round group @ 200 yards.  .627 MOA.

Thats not the full review....

Of my groups @ 100 yards, 1 was .5 moa, the others were ~1 MOA.

If you sort these by looking at if the projectiles' jackets were shaved you could probably get consistent groups. But then you've also got all the ones that are bad
AAR Posted in Post 2
I plan on trying this stuff out again in calmer wind conditions and sorting them before going out.
Thanks for the update IG! We appreciate it.
Bitch real Gs move in silence like lasagna
Went Out this AM, calmer winds. This time I used a ton of sandbags to reduce the human element as much as possible, and really no improvement... Large Target was zeroing an acog, and top left was 77 Noslers


My final conclusion: Either the jackets are getting damaged in 30% of the rounds, or my barrel needs replacing. (I'm using a Lothar Walthar 18" .223 Wylde.

I'm going to find some FGMM at a price I can stomach to see whats up
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Wow so it shoots like wolf and costs more than lake city

Nice. Good job ausfailia!

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