Rural King 12% rebate
Rural King has a 12% online rebate going on. Includes guns and ammo. Their gun prices appear to be good even before the rebate.
thanks for the heads up.
(04-15-2016, 12:19 AM)SNAFU Wrote: Interesting, never heard of that place.


think tractor supply but with an ffl.
we also have hardware stores here that sell firearms.
(04-15-2016, 07:01 AM)SNAFU Wrote: So it's like Fleet Farm there is an ACE near me that sells guns.

yes, like fleet farm, i was trying to think of something to compare them too up north, but forgot about fleet farm. ace seems to be tied into all "smaller" (ie; not home depot / lowes) type hardware stores. i think all of my "very small" hardware stores are crowder brothers, or true value (about the size of a convenience store), then you have tractor supple / rural king (about the size of the old non super center walmarts), and then of course home depot and lowes (mega box super center shits).

when .22lr was as rare as hen's teeth everyone seemed to forget that the ffl hardware stores sold it. they all got in the line at walmart to complain, i went to the hardware stores and bought ammo, and root beer candy. Big Grin
Picked up an Anderson stripped lower the other night for 60.00. Applied for my rebate by email. I get about 2-3 emails a day since from Rural King. They do have decent prices. Love that store.

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