check this out...
22lr ammo, this particular brand now comes in 400 round bricks. 10 boxes of 40 rounds. horse cockery. same great through the roof prices, but 10 less rounds per box. it must be for the tacticals trying to shave weight off their load out. Dodgy
(08-02-2016, 08:56 AM)SNAFU Wrote: 22lr still a thing?

Unless I missed something I'll ship you clowns mini mags as long as you pay shipping and actual cost.

You'll be money ahead.

i buy it online also, i don't even know if it is in stores around here or not.

i started buying online years ago due to no one ever stocks 22 shorts anyways. i have a couple of 22 short only rifles that i shoot alot.
i just thought it strange that someone was making 40 round boxes wrapped up like 500 round bricks, and wondered how many people bought it and didn't read.
I've got about 3900 rounds, 2500 of that is bricks of Winchester Wildcat that' I haven't seen any where in stock for years.

Right now hundred packs of mini mags are going for a dime a round, fuck that noise!

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