Just in time for my birthday x95
Balanced nicely.
Feels really light

[Image: http://i64.tinypic.com/2yx0kz9.jpg]
Nice. Happy birfday
Happy birthday , nice gift!
De-virginized it today at a fud range .
I go in with a mag loaded with cop killer green tips, a box of 100 federal 223  from walmart , and 4 or 5 boxes of wolf gold.
The foreign bitch tells me no steel.
I knew they were too jewish to sort the steel cases so no wolf or tula, but wasnt aware they would give the nay/no to green tips. So i unload the mag. Bitch holds them.
I proceed to my lane. This is indoor rapid fire is ok (they rent f/a.)
I immediately bump fire a mag of wolf gold.
Points naturally from the hip. Decent groups .
But the bolt dont lock back when empty.
Do another mag like so. Send the target all the way out.
Only 20yd. The integral buis works great. Tried the federal.
A mag shooting fairly fast went into a 4" square.
The bolt did lock back 2/3 times. Typical with bullpups, you choke on the fumes when its next to your face.

So im out of ammo in like 20 min.
Go up front to get my.cop killer bullets. She hands over this tray with them and i start loading the pmag for the ride home. Cuz who knows when a blm riot will be between me and my cold beer at home.
So i get like 5 rounds in the mag and bitch tells me in that thick 3rd world uppity cunt accent "you cant do that here"
And this place aint cheap.
Range fees and 2 extra targets was like $22
All their shit is expensive too.
Fuck them
Full armor guns katy fwy houston
Fuck em

But the gun was a blast.
So what is the range like at George Bush park? I'm supposed to shoot there tomorrow.
Oh and happy birthday. That's one good birthday gift.
(08-06-2016, 08:21 AM)DEF Wrote: So what is the range like at George Bush park? I'm supposed to shoot there tomorrow.
Havent been there in long time .
A faggot range master nazi told some other fags they could shoot my targets when i went to the can
There is usually some hot bitches there.
Tell them you have an 8ball at home you can score.
(Apply.chlorophorm as needed.)
But Dont plan on rapid firing. Nazi fuds. I bet they let cops rapid fire. Assholes.
The only place worse ive been is the place south of the dome baileys. where you cant.shoot with a mag in.
Ever tried to shoot an ar15 from a bench one round at a time?
Faggot fuds
Didn't get to go to the range. Probably a good thing since it was 98º Saturday.
One outdoor i go to during the week is so dead i can jew tons of brass. They have 55gal drums overflowing with the shit so they wont miss it
I go to a range in one of the state parks. Not susposed to pick up other peoples brass, but for some strange reason we always come home with more brass than we started with.

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