pretty funny thread...
guy leaves car running at work for several hours, co worker says "um, hey bro, i noticed you forgot to turn your car off hours ago, but now it is um smoking"...
it's the best thread i have seen in a couple weeks. i read every reply and made like 6 replies myself. 1005 on the op trolling. this is how it is done fellows.
this takes me back to the days of snowlepoard and the likes. classic.

i used to love the snowlepoard stories. she is my mentor, and i try to emulate her style.
My car has a key, or a key like fob thing that you put in the car to start it. My wife's car only needs to have the key in your pocket. I took her car to the store and when I came out it was still running.

It didn't catch fire or piss on the ground.
(08-16-2016, 08:19 PM)bone33 Wrote: Buy a new car... what's the big fucking deal.

sometimes you just don't wanna have to give up that sweet 03 caviler. Dodgy

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