steel vs brass
can anybody help me with nfo on steel vs brass for the ar-15? Gun store told me to stay with brass but the steel casings are one hell of a lot cheaper. But I don't want to shoot myself in the foot to speak Big Grin

Gold all in my chain
Gold all in my ring
Gold all in my mag
Don't believe me, you a fag

Fuck steel
Wolf Gold
The steel casing are just as soft as the brass cases, sometimes even softer.
The metal jacket is building steel and is as soft as copper.  Laquer doesn't get in your chamber.  Those are all myths made by uneducated people.  Steel is gtg.

If you can't shoot steel then the gun is a piece of shit.
I only shoot brass cased ammo out of my WASR. Yeah, fucking right!
It eats whatever I feed her without any issues. Including HP ammunition.

I don't give a shit about the specific differences about each ammo but I will say that some firearms just refuse to operate reliably with steel cased ammunition.

A Kalash should eat every kind of ammo that you feed it and I think the AR should as well.
Wolf Gold is a great alternative to using steel and it's relatively cheap.

Only firearm that I would purchase and feed it solely brass would be a Steyr Aug.
All the rest can eat some steel.
My 6920 eats it fine and will run some in my x95 .
With the way things are looking politically i wont be shooting enough 223 to burn a bbl. Will save it and shoot my 45's since i load for that (in mass quantity)
(10-22-2016, 11:26 AM)No Shit Wrote: AK's and AK stype rifles don't give a shit about steel or brass, they shoot them the same

100% correct.

I've shot some Fiocchi Brass cased x39 out of my WASR.
Burned cleaner and couldn't tell the difference otherwise over steel cased.

I'll tell you one thing though....My WASR beat the shit out of a lot of those casings.
I've got 100 rounds more of it. Gonna burn it up, save the casings and do some hand loads.

I'm more than likely going to use Hornandy .310 7.62x39 FMJ BT for the reloads. They're standard grain also.
Gonna see if I can squeeze out some tighter groups with them
I've had more inconsistencies with the cheap steal case ammo than the brass but that would be my only complaint.
I have shot the hell out of steel case ammo, I posted a range report on here about my current AR 15 build that it is a test bed for the Steel case myth. 
I have noticed that is is a bit harder on the extractor & ejector. I have just now replaced both with new ones & springs, just because had one stuck case, upon inspecting the extractor & ejector, the ejectors spring was really weak, the extractor was really shiny. I compared the used on to a newer one & also to one of my buddies out of his AR that has about the some amount of ammo through it but he shoots mainly reloaded brass or factory brass. I wish I took pics, if I see him again I will take pics of each extractor for comparison. 
Besides that & a few gas rings going out here lately I will continue to shoot steel case out of my rifle.
Here is a video I thought was a good discussion about this topic.

I have all colt or usgi ar's and they eat steel cased ammo all day long.
The only time I have seen issues is with really cheap guns without the proper 5.56 chamber.

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