Mosin Nagant Rifles. Show them.
Show me your and I will show you some of my collection.

I have a couple holy grail Mosin nagants.
(02-02-2017, 01:34 AM) Wrote: Show me your and I will show you some of my collection.

I have a couple holy grail Mosin nagants.
Tula "CH" or "CN" sniper rifle??

I don't have a pic handy, but mine is a CH sniper but was never drilled and scope fitted. Worn barrel, but still has fair amount of rifling and still shoots pretty groups.

Is that good enuf to get you to post up yours?
My only Mosin is an unfinished project.

I have a hex Izzy with what appears to be a practically unfired barrel. Long story regarding why it became a project. For the C&R enthusiasts who are cringing right now, no, there was no option to leave it original.

I removed the rear sight base, replaced the taper pins, and then sanded the pins down to match the profile of the barrel.

I cut the barrel to just about 20", put a 15 degree crown on the muzzle, and threaded the barrel 5/8 x 24. I installed an AAC 51T Blackout flash hider.

I media blasted the barreled action. I still need to hand sand the dings and nicks out of the metal before I can cerakote it.

I sent the bolt out to Max Shepherd and had a low profile 10 degree sweep bolt handle with a kicked out ball end and a Remington 700 tactical knob installed.

It's currently in an Archangel stock. If it performs the way I want, I will leave it in the Archangel stock.

I have a Timney trigger, Harris bipod, RSI stainless firing pin and spring, RSI hex mount, Weaver Tactical low rings, and a Primary Arms 4-14 FFP mil-dot scope for it.

At some point I'll get the motivation to finish the metal work so I can cerakote everything. The plan is to cerakote the barreled action FDE and cerakote the stock in a Kryptek pattern using multicam colors instead of the traditional mandrake or highlander shades.
^^^ Nice! would like to see some pics when you get a chance.
Pictures incoming

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